Blessing Bowls, Free Meditation, Upcoming Courses, & so much more!
Free Meditation, Upcoming Course, Ostara, & so much more!
Grace. I’ve spent considerable time this month pondering the meanings of that word – Grace. I imagine each of you reading this has your own ideas about…
Don’t do anything. Just sit there. Sit still. For just a minute, or two, or twenty. Breathe. Just breathe. Close your eyes. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Did your…
Some years ago, my friend Joel had chaos while flying home for the winter holidays, arriving hours later than scheduled. He spent some time with his…
Dear , Do you, like me, live in that tension of trying to be very present in each moment, while your calendar beckons you to plan two months into the…
Dear , The Wheel is spinning toward my favorite holiday, and I hope the celebration ideas in this newsletter speak to you. The suggestions below for…
Dear , I relinquish my title as a Multi-tasking Queen, which I have held for many years. The stress has finally caught up with me, and I’m done. Just…
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Studio Sketchbook
Studio Sketchbook
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Trackless Wild
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